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Everything around us is culture. The initiative HÖREN BEWEGT [an initiative that is literally translated as ‘Hearing moves us’] demonstrates that many areas of culture, especially the arts, can only be fully experienced if they can also be heard.  The exhibition illustrates how much culture can affect, capture and move us – and what a crucial role a well-functioning sense of hearing plays in all of this. From sentimental arias and rousing beats on the radio to centuries-old play dialogues and threatening background music in an exciting film scene – all this allows us to immerse ourselves in a fascinating emotional world.

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Informative & moving – here you will find exciting articles about the power of culture and the importance of good hearing!

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Wunder Hören

How does hearing actually work? And to what extent does culture enrich my life? Answers to these questions and more can be found here!

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HÖREN BEWEGT at the House of Music

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