Everything About the Miracle of Hearing

Learn exciting facts and interesting features about the miracle of hearing!
Our ability to hear accompanies us day in, day out – it truly is a phenomenon that is taken for granted. But how does hearing actually work?
Here you will find out how hearing actually works: what our hearing organ does, how our brains process sounds and which emotions can be triggered by different sounds.


A Complex Process

We hear when sound waves pass through the air to our eardrum, through our middle ear, into our inner ear and finally to the hearing centres of our brain. Sound waves vibrate through the outer ear and cause the eardrum in the middle to vibrate. This causes the ossicles to vibrate so that the sound oscillates into the inner ear. This is where they reach the cochlea and press against so-called hair cells, which transform the vibrations into electrical nerve impulses. The auditory nerve directs these impulses to the auditory centres of the brain, where they are perceived as sound.

Early Development

The First Functional Sense

Hearing begins to develop just a few days after fertilisation of the egg. The sense of balance and hearing are the first two functional senses in a human being – already present after 16 weeks in the womb. In addition, the inner ear will reach its final size in this phase. In fact, it is the only organ that no longer grows after birth. Whilst our heart will stop beating at some point, our sense of hearing will be the last of our senses to stop functioning.

Effective Music

Music Controls Bodily Functions

Music actually has a direct influence on some bodily functions. It not only has an effect on our heartbeat, blood pressure and respiratory rate, it can also regulate hormonal balance. For example, fast and aggressive sounds release adrenaline, whereas gentle and calm sounds promote the release of noradrenaline.  This can also reduce stress hormones and increase pain-relieving beta-endorphins in the body.

Emotional Hearing

Emotional Movement Through Music

Music repeatedly demonstrates how much it can touch our emotions: a heart-warming aria performed in the opera moves the audience to tears. A super exciting film scene accompanied by creepy sounds makes the viewer tremble and hold a blanket before their face. A well-known song at a party gets everyone up on the dance floor. Music brings joy, imparts joie de vivre and thus has a decisive influence on all our lives.

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