Focus on Hearing

Here you can find exciting articles and reports about music, culture and hearing. How does music affect our body? Are art and culture essential to human life? What music has changed the world? Find the answers here!

Music in the World

A Mirror of Culture Each country possesses its own traditional songs and sounds. The origins are manifold and the developments are different. However, the [...]

The Miracle of the Brain

Not only are our miraculous brains remarkably powerful; they have a high plasticity, especially in our younger years. The brain actually transforms sounds into [...]

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Experience HÖREN live

The initiative HÖREN BEWEGT regularly organises events that are dedicated to the subject of hearing. Concerts, film series and cultural evenings – our sense of hearing plays an incomparable role when it comes to engaging with culture. It means getting to know new sounds and being inspired by enchanting melodies.

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